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What is the cost of a Mandap?

Our mandaps range from $2,000 to $15,000 for an entire set (see what is included in a set in the next question). We don't have a set price, each type of mandap has a different price. To get an accurate quote, visit our Mandaps page, select the mandaps you like and click on "Request a Quote". Alternatively, you can email us with a list of the product IDs or names. IM us to get an instant quote.

What is included in a Mandap set?

Most of the Mandap sets include 6 pillars and 6 connectors for the stage; 2 pillars and 1 connector for the gate; 8 aisle way pedestals; lighting on all 7 connectors and 1 cloth ceiling.

What is included in a Wedding Stage set?

Most of the stage sets include 4 pillars and 3 connectors for the stage; 2 pillars and 1 connector for the gate; 8 aisle way pedestals and lighting on all 4 connectors.

How much time does it take to make a Mandap / Wedding Stage?

The delivery period depends on the type of the product. Fibreglass Mandaps usually take 1 month and Wood Carved Mandaps usually take 3 months to make. Email us to get an accurate delivery period for a particular Mandap / Stage.

Where can I see the latest Mandaps / Stages?

We don't generally advertise our latest Mandaps / Stages in order to keep them exclusive in the market. Email us or visit our showroom to take a look at our newest products.

Can I get a brochure of all the items?

We've put all the items we possibly can on this website. We can show you our entire catalogue on skype.

I've seen your Mandaps in other places, is it really made by Jam Design Centre?

Our Mandaps are very popular, they do tend to get copied in the market. We can show you sample pillars of the mandaps in our showroom and we can also send you a reference of the decorator we have supplied the mandap to. Our Mandaps also have a copyright.

Can I see a sample of your products in real?

Yes, you can visit our showroom in Mumbai. We have sample pillars of over a hundred different designs of Mandaps / Stages.

Can I get a Mandap / Stage exclusive for my market?

We do provide exclusivity of a Mandap / Stage depending on the product. We definitely give exclusivity to products designed by you.

Can I make a sample of my design?

Yes, we can make a sample if required.

I like your products but how do I know about your service?

You can visit our testimonials page to see what some of the leading decorators have to say about us. We can even provide references.

How do I make a payment?

We have provided an easy payment gateway on this website, you can make payments through a credit/debit card or net banking. Alternatively, you can do a direct bank transfer.

How long does it take to setup a Mandap?

Jam Design Centre Mandaps are one of the easiest mandaps to set up. Most of our Mandaps can be set up in 30 minutes.

How are the products shipped to me?

Items of a large volume and weight are sent in a shipping container. Smaller items can be couriered.

What is the cost of shipping?

Email us to know the courier charge or freight charge to your destination.

Can I use my shipping or courier company to receive a shipment?


How long does shipping in a container take?

Usually a month.

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